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What is your purpose in life?

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I have always believed that everyone has a special purpose in life, that there is no coincident that everyone is here; everyone is here for a specific reason. Because everyone is different and has been through different things and there has to mean something; otherwise there would be no point in us being so different, right? But finding out what that is, has been my big problem!

Then I stumbled on Neale Donald Walsch’s teachings through Mindvalley and in his book Conversations with God, that also has become a movie – really good by the way, he had the answer to that question in his conversations with god. We are all here to be happy! That is why we have our own will; to find out what truly makes us happy and then align everything in life with that.

So what makes you really really happy? Then I don’t mean all the external things, like shopping, looking good, having fancy things. I mean happy on the inside like; hugging your children, helping someone out and doing fun things with your spouse. Of course, all the external things make a lot of difference in our lives, but when you are about to leave this earth, then nothing of that will matter at all. Then it will all come down to what you have done or have not done! What you have said or not said!

What do you do that makes you happy and how often do you do you do that? What do you say that makes you happy? And how often? Happiness is like fitness; you can’t exercise once a month and expect to be in really good shape! If you want to be in really good shape, you have to exercise at least several times a week. So if you want to be really happy you have to do things that make you really happy at least several times a week.

So what do you do several times a week to become really happy? My answer to that is that I meditate every morning. I watch a self-made  Mindmovie,, twice every day. I listen to uplifting music every day. I listen to what I want to accomplish every day ( I have written down my goals in life and what I am going to do to get there and then recorded that on my Smartphone). I read affirmations several times a day. Every night I write in my gratitude journal about things that I am proud of myself for, things I have enjoyed throughout the day and what I want to experience the next day.  Except this, I praise myself and my near and dear ones as much as I can. These things are my “happy habits” throughout every day and they keep be on track. If you want to share your “happy habits” please send me an e-mail at or contact

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful life! /Mona


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